Thursday, May 20, 2010

To Infinity and Beyond!

Or just driving across Kansas because it felt like it took that long!! 

Well I'm a little behind here :D   Right now I'm typing this from a quaint little bed and breakfast in Gettysburg, PA.  There has been no TV so Russell is pretty much hogging the laptop to play poker.  I need to find him a good book!  Anyways, I have a couple thousand miles and three more states to cover.  It's going to be in separate posts just to keep myself organized for later. 

So before I start with the monster drive.....Here are photos of the bed and breakfast from Golden. 

I purchased a number of those travel books in preparation for this trip and I was surprised there was so little information on bed and breakfasts.  They really are a pretty good way to go.  A nice place to stay and can you beat that.  This particular B & B had some history attached to it.  Every morning we had breakfast in an area surrounded by many historic photos from the 1880s and the very building we were in was included in those photos.  Our host was very knowledgeable about the history of the area and provided us with quite a bit of background as we ate.  It was very interesting and informative.  The room was cozy and the breakfasts were delicious!!!  Would highly recommend a stay here. 

Anyways, we left Colorado the day after we attended the very chilly Rockies game.  The morning we left, our host at the bed and breakfast informed us the weather forecast was calling for snow that night.  We were getting out just in the nick of time!!  And so it began.....a loooong drive.  It started in the very boring part of Colorado, through Kansas, and finally ended in Kansas City, MO.  I made this drive once before roughly 27 years ago and it hasn't changed much!!  A lot of wheat and a lot of wheat silos.  No pictures though. What I did find interesting about Kansas is that every town we came upon had an "important" person who hailed from it.  I know this because there was usually a big sign on the interstate saying so.  They would say "Home of astronaut 'so and so'" , or "Home of author 'so and so'"......  I got the impression there were a lot of astronauts, artists, authors and politicians from Kansas!  The only ones I heard of were Bob Dole and Arlen Spector. Arlen Spector!!! Yes!  I wonder how they are feeling about him right now.  Hmmmm......

Well we made it to Kansas City for just a brief overnight stay before heading to St. Louis.  The most interesting thing about our drive to St. Louis were the fireworks stores.  There were fireworks stores all along the interstate.  I don't know....maybe I'm just a dork (or maybe I've lived in AZ too long) but I thought this was funny.  I grew up in California so I'm used to seeing fireworks stands......about two weeks before the 4th of July.  But I'm not used to seeing year round fireworks stores....and so many of them.  I guess they take their fireworks seriously there!!! 

We did make it to St Louis.  Can you guess the first place we went??????   The Arch.....No!   Busch Field.....No!!  Busch Gardens.....No!  I'll give you a hint...... involves beer.   And Russell was very, very happy.  But I'll leave that to the next post! 

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