Friday, May 7, 2010

Day 1: Durango & The Million Dollar Highway

There was going to be no train ride to Silverton since we arrived just shy of train season :(  So we decided to drive to Silverton and to Ouray.  Now we were told that there was not much to
Silverton, however, the drive was supposed to be beautiful.  It was beautiful indeed.  In fact, it looked like a winter was not even close to over.  Lots of snow in the mountains and even a few snow flurrys.  Silverton was everything everyone said it was.....not a whole lot happening...we didn't even stop.  I did take this picture as we were heading out of town....

After Silverton, we headed to Ouray.  The drive, was .....well, interesting.  I think the fact that the proprietors at the bed and breakfast we are staying at said they don't drive up that way during the winter, should have been our first clue.  It was a white knuckle drive to say the least.  We were literally 18" from a sheer drop and meeting our maker.  Yikes!!  There was one point during the drive that I though to myself ....I really could use a couple of valium right now.  Seriously!   

Later on, after we got back to town, we learned that this is called the million dollar highway.  I thought it was because this is how much life insurance you might want to take out before driveing it.  I was wrong.  It's called the million dollar highway because that is how much it cost to construct it back in the 1880's .  Of course, I don't think they had asphalt then so it has probably cost a lot more since then :)  The photos I took were while we were driving.  I couldn't do it any other way.  There was no place to stop....well except for the middle of the road but I don't think the people behind us would have liked that!  The photos don't do justice to just how scary it was!


It's hard to tell from this photo but the road is right there a third of the way from the bottom and it is a loooooong drop down!  I tried not to look!  The last photo I took showed just how wintery it still looks in Colorado right now

This photo was taken between Ouray and Silverton.  It was totally beautiful scenery! 
When we arrive back in Durango, we decided to look for some grub.  I seriously thought that a place called the Durango Brewing Company would have some grub I would like.   I was wrong.  My choices were beer and beer.   So I had a beer.  This should surprise everyone I know.  It was such a rare event that Russell had to take a picture. 

Take this will be the last time you see it.  Well, at least until I get to Golden, Colorado.  Then I might have to choke down the sample.  After all, it is free. 

I have to end this with the proper husband/wife smartass moment.  There was a point during our drive that indicated our elevation was 10000 ft which prompted Russell to ask what is the highest elevation I'd ever been.  I knew he meant while on the ground....but I couldn't help myself so I replied "oh about 35000 feet :D"  Yeah, there was a little gesture from him.....but did he really think he was the only one who could come up with a snarky comment in a moments notice!!  hee~     

So that is the end of the first full day of vacation....So much more to come.....

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Lori Renn said...

Okay girl, you said you took those pictures while "driving". I sure hope you meant while Russ was driving. So funny to see you drinking BEER! Yum! Oh, and Kirk's best bud from Colorado told us that in college they would pee in the stream that the Coors beer was made from. I wouldn't drink it! Love you. Safe travels! Have fun.