Thursday, May 13, 2010

Beer! Free Beer!

Walking distance from our bed and breakfast in Golden was the Coors Brewery.  I got the obligatory photo from high atop this mountain during our hike.

And now we were visiting the brewery.  I think everyone knows that I am not a big fan of beer.  But my husband is a big fan.  He's just not a big fan of Coors.  The thing is he heard that you get free beer at the end of the tour.  Someone says beer and free in the same sentence....and yeah, he's right there. 

The tour started with a lovely bus tour of downtown Golden.  Anyone who has been to Golden will know this was quick.  It was actually very interesting.  Our quick-witted tour guide gave us the lowdown on all the old buildings.  He also told us about the local college in town...Colorado School of Mines, and he hit on the irony of the school coming shortly after the brewery came to town in the 1880s. 

Anyways, we finally made it to the brewery. 

The tour was self guided with a recorded listening device they gave you as you walked through the various areas.  One of the areas was the Coors lab.  My last assignment at the department was in the crime lab.  I couldn't help but wondering as I was looking at the lab about how many of the forensic scientists would enjoy working at the Coors lab  :) 

I got a photo of a bottle display in the lab.  I thought all our Coors drinking friends might like this....or maybe not.  They're probably more interested in what's in the bottle....

The tour ended at the courtesy lounge where we could get three free beer samples.  Yes.....I had a beer.  Just one and a half though because that was all I could handle.  I decided to try Blue Moon because I was told it was a "chick" beer.  Russell, once again, had to take a picture of it.  I guess because no one would believe. 

My second sample was Killian's Red....just a half a glass because I had a tough time choking down the first glass.  The samples did not change my mind about beer.  I didn't like either sample.  But when in know the rest. 
I did enjoy people watching during my tasting experience.  Many young people were there who look quite comfortable hanging out in this room.  Like they had been there before ;)  Russell and I wondered how many times a year someone could visit the brewery and enjoy the free samples.  (Note:  They scan your license into a computer when you enter the brewery).  We later learned from our host at the B & B that the visit limit is once a day.  Whoa!!!  I wonder if that's a selling point when visiting the college! 

Here are a few of the pictures I took before we left the brewery. 

Yep....I survived it!  I was so looking forward to Anheuser-Busch after this!

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