Monday, May 24, 2010

Gettysburg Part Deux

After a very disappointing trip to the Hershey factory (more on that later) and a couple of wineries, we headed back to the battlefield.  Just so you know, it rained all day the first day and all day the second day....and I was cold.  Very cold and very tired.  So I was that thrilled about a second visit but there were places we had not seen. 

The first place we went to was the Cashtown Inn.  The Cashtown Inn was where the Confederate generals stayed on their way to Gettysburg.  It is an operating bed and breakfast and a restaurant.  We were hoping to at least dine there during one of our nights, however, it was closed while we were in town.  My husband, who is a big Ghost Hunter fan, especially wanted to see this place.  He actually wanted to stay there.  Anyways, we headed out to Cashtown and took some photos of the Inn.  It was actually a little easier since there was no one there. 

We next went to the Gettysburg Cemetery where President Lincoln made the Gettysburg Address.  Of course there is a monument where the Address was made.  The thing I found interesting about this is that there was much debate in the day about whether it was a worthy speech that would even be remembered....hmmmm...seems like things haven't changed over the years. 

The last location we visited was the Sachs Bridge.  Another one of the those haunted sites Russell loves ;)  It was actually quite a picturesque location.   Snapped a couple of photos there too (of course!). 

That was day two in Gettysburg.  The next day we drove down to Maryland and visited the Antietam Battlesite and Harper's Ferry (actually that's in West Virginia)

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JujuB213 said...

Did you and your husband check out The Farnsworth Inn while in Gettysburg? My mom and I stayed there in 2001 and had a couple of interesting paranormal experiences.