Thursday, May 20, 2010


Or actually Anheuser Busch.....But for Russell it may as well have been Disneyland!  I think he was in heaven.  The very minute we hit the city limits, he was looking to go to Anheuser Busch.  So away we went.  He really had no trouble finding it....he just followed the aroma of the hops :)

We signed up for the tour which included....yes, you guessed beer!  The two very lovely tour guides made sure to remind us a few times.   Before we started the tour, we needed proof that we were actually "there", so we took a couple of photos at the entrance....

The tour started off with a visit to the stables to see the world famous Clydesdales.  They really have very nice accomodations, er, stables

We next went into the area where they explained "Beechwood Aging".  Hmmm....Just thought that was something they came up with for the commercials.  Anyways, if anyone is interested near the end of the brewing process the beer is beechwood aged in the drums below. 

And in case you are curious, each one of these drums holds 3600 barrels.  Just to give you an would have to drink one beer an hour everyday for 137 years!!!  You'd never be sober!  Ever! 

Next stop was the brew house where we learned about the brew process ( I'm pretty sure I will not be making my own beer any time soon!).   We were presented with this nice little chart...

Yep, I totally got it!!  Clear as....well....Amber Bock!!!  Oh, is that a Bud product! 
After we got this little tutorial, we got a tour of the brew house.  I loved this part because I got my very favorite picture of Russell. 
The picture says it all.....When am I going to get my free beer??????
Well after we left here...

And here.....

We made it to the hospitality room  And yes, I had a beer and here's proof....because the only time Russell likes taking a picture is when I am drinking a beer.

There I am....with a Stella and no makeup.  Lovely!! 
I did find a beer I liked called Beach Bum Blonde.  Unfortunately, I believe it is only found on the east coast where all the beach bums hang out....    

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Gypsi Luck said...

Cal and I would have loved this! And yes, home brewing is possible, fun and a bit of a chemistry experiment. It's amazing what a little bit of yeast can do to a tub of boiled grains. Those monks were geniuses!!! Cal and I would have bitched and moaned until they let us get our beer first and drink it during the presentations. Our wheels can get mighty squeeky!

Glad you are having fun!