Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Day Five: Hiking in Golden, Colorado

So after visiting Pike's Peak, we headed up to the Denver area.  We decided to stay at a bed and breakfast in Golden, Colorado.  It's proximity to the Coors Brewery really had nothing to do with our decision....really ;)  We arrived late Sunday and we immediately walked downtown to grab a bite and watch the Suns complete the sweep of the Spurs :D    Lots of eateries to choose from and also a lot of good places to just grab a beverage.  I really liked Golden.  It has a small town feel but it is in close proximity to the big town.....Denver! 

The next day, we were looking for a hike to do and we found a good one.  Right up to the top of the mountain which overlooks the town.  It was kind of like the Piestewa Peak of Golden only you could bike up it if you wanted to.  There were actually more mountain bikers than hikers on the trail.  About halfway up the trail we were passed by one mountain biker that Russell ended up following almost all the way to the top.  He stayed right on the back wheel of the guy which probably didn't make him feel so good!!  I was a ways back taking my sweet time and stopping to take pictures.  Of course I had to take the picture of the most important landmark in the town.....

Had a perfect view from the trail. 

I also got some photos along the trail.  It was really very pretty.  Once again we hiked along a stream for much of the way. 

The trail was approximately 2.5 miles one way and a pretty good workout going up.  When we got to the top it was very windy and cold.  We didn't want to stay up there very long as we were freezing!  It may be hard to tell but Russell's shirt was blowing in the wind in this photo. 

On our way back down we snapped a couple of more photos including one that showed Denver in a distance.  It's too bad it wasn't a clearer day because otherwise we probably could have seen it a lot better then we could in this photo. 

So I look like I was ready for a beer after this????  Well that was our next stop after the hike.....the Coors Brewery Tour.    More to come......

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