Friday, May 21, 2010

Bottoms Up!

Now when we planned this road trip, Russell and I decided that we would try a little taste of whatever the local cuisine/drink was....well, except for clam way I'm going near that! yuck!
So, in Louisville the drink of choice is bourbon.   I've never had bourbon....well not straight anyways.  Does a mint julep a few weeks ago count??  Probably not.  We got the lowdown on a pretty good restauant not far from our hotel.  The restaurant was located right in the Louisville Slugger complex which was pretty cool.  This was where we decided we would take the plunge.  We asked the waitress for suggestions on the best bourbon to shoot.  She informed us that the absolute best was Woodford Reserve.  She also suggested Maker's Mark. 
So we ordered up a shot of each.....and this was the result.

Yep, and that's exactly what I thought of the taste of bourbon.....written all over my face.  Not so good.  I was informed that what I was drinking was a nice smooth bourbon. Hmmm....I think I'd much rather have tequila.   Well, at least I can say I tried it :)

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bluemillion said...

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