Monday, December 20, 2010

Cookies - Part Deux

So yesterday was day two of cookie making and there are already enough cookies for a couple of armies!!   On the menu were Chocolate Chip Cookies, Polvorones (a type of Mexican Wedding Cookies), and more Ginger Snaps (The recipe I used Saturday was so awesome I decided to make more!). 

The Chocolate Chip Cookie recipe came from Allrecipes (again!!).  It can be found here.  Of course, after reading the comments, I couldn't resist tweaking the recipe a bit.  Instead of three cups of flour, I added two cups of flour and one cup of ground oatmeal ( I grounded it using my blender).  Also, instead of salt, I added 1/2 tsp cream of tartar.  Everything else stayed the same and here's how they turned out....

And yes, they taste as good as they look!!  Probably the best chocolate cookie recipe I have ever made. 

Today, I will be making more of these.....

Polvorones!!  And also Sugar Cookies and Peanut Butter Cookies!  There's a little story about my Polvorone making adventure that involves the Pioneer Woman.  But that's a story for tomorrow. 

For now I am off again to make a total mess of kitchen!!  My husband will be so happy.

Saturday, December 18, 2010


So I've been a cookie making fool lately....which I usually always am this time of the year.  The only difference is that I have much more time for baking. Yay! 

Last weekend I made a whole bunch of cookies for a party and this weekend I picking it up again.  This time the baking is going to be for gifts for family and friends.  On the schedule for today?? 

Raspberry and Almond Thumbprint Cookies.  The recipe can be found here at  I made these for the first time this year and, wow!  They were yummy!  Usually I will make changes to recipe a bit to suit my liking but this one....well, I wouldn't change a thing.  The only complaint I have is that these things are dangerous!  I truly think I could eat the whole batch!  Not at all good for my girlish figure ;-)

I think I'm going to take a stab at making Granny's Ginger Snaps also from  I've made ginger snaps in the past but they never really turn out like I'd like them to.  But these look pretty good so I'm going to give them a try. 

Well, I've got some cookie baking to get to.  So, Later Gator.

Tuesday, December 14, 2010

A Charlie Brown Christmas????

So on Saturday we set up our new Christmas tree and once it was up we were a little....ummmm.....depressed.   You see, last year our tree looked like this......

It was very pretty.  Nine feet tall and very full.  The thing is.....pulling this thing out to set up was a major undertaking.  We both got a pretty good workout pulling it out of the garage and setting it up.  And for a person just a sneeze over 5 feet tall, decorating it was quite the challenge.

So after last I decided.....ENOUGH!!  It was on it's last legs anyways.  Lights were going out and besides, I was tired of practically scaling it in order to put the topper on.  It was time to downsize and this was the result....

Ummmm....yeah.....quite a difference.  And this picture really does it justice.  In person, this tree is really wimpy!!   All I could think of was the Charlie Brown Christmas tree. 

Well I guess I've been a very spoiled girl.  I think I'll look on the bright should be a snap to take down :-D

Monday, December 6, 2010


This morning on the TODAY show, they are having a segment that addresses the high caloric value in those foo-foo coffee drinks.  So in honor of those good folks at the TODAY show, I decided to whip up a little treat.......(or, rather, my husband did!).......

Coffee with a little Baileys and a big glob of whipped cream (I'm retired....don't judge!).  YUM!!!  And I enjoyed every single calorie of it.  Cheers!!!