Saturday, April 7, 2012

He makes all things new......

I believe in God. 
I believe in the risen Christ.  
I know not every one believes as I do. 
But I still believe it.  
It is at the very core of my being. 
It is a faith I cannot fully explain. 
But it is my faith. 
It is something that no one can take away. 

On the eve of the celebration of the risen Christ, I share this clip....
A scene from the movie The Passion of the Christ. 
This scene breaks my heart every time I see it. 
I know this is the way it is supposed to be. 
As a Christian I know Christ was destined to suffer and die for our sins.
But as a is so difficult to see your child suffer. 
Regardless of who that child is... or what his purpose may be.....  

I wish you all a Blessed and safe Holy weekend......