Wednesday, November 19, 2008

He Thinks I'm Off My Rocker......

Okay, I'm one of those slightly weird people who listens to Christmas music at various times of the year. Unlike most people, I never complain when I start hearing Christmas music in November. This year I started listening to it in August. It makes me happy. And I needed happy in August. So to get in the full spirit I also started making Christmas August. And I've been making them ever since. I'm thinking I have enough cards for next year too.

And my husband? Well he thinks I'm just a little off. He came into my scrapbook room about a week ago (while I was making more Christmas cards). He just stood there for a moment and listened. "You're listening to Christmas music?!?! It's only November!!!"

Sure glad he didn't come into the room in August....

(Note: All the card making essentials in the photo.....paper, glitter, adhesive, wine....ahem.....)

Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Some Scrapbook Pages

Some recent scrapbook pages completed.

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A Sign of the Times.....

Butter. That is what this blog post is about. Well, sort of. It is really about my recent obsession with the weekly sales ads. So much so that first thing Saturday morning I was out the door to stock up on butter. (Amazing... considering the rough night I had. But that's another story.) The funny thing is that I probably would not have given it a thought a year ago. But here I am....I see $1.50 a pound when you purchase 10 pounds.....and I become a butter buying fool. And I can rest easy knowing that making the Christmas Sugar Cookies are not going to put me in the poor house. It is definitely a sign of the times......

Thursday, November 13, 2008


I took this picture last week before I dismantled my office and I had to take all these tags down. Over the last nearly four years, these are just a portion of the faces that walked into my office. I have a special place in my heart for each of this individuals. I think I have learned something about myself through each one of them. And through them I have confidence in the future.

So now I am on to a new least temporarily. I don't really know. I think a change is really good. We'll see what the next few months bring. Could be interesting.

Sunday, November 9, 2008

Veteran's Day

It's funny, whenever Veteran's Day comes along each year I am reminded that I, too, am a veteran. What's funny about it is that I never really consider myself a veteran. Yes, I spent seven years in the United States Air Force. But I was in the military during more peaceful times.

When I think about Veterans, I think about my father-in-law who served in Vietnam or my brother who was deployed to Iraq or my niece who served in the Persian Gulf. In fact I think of anyone who has served in the past eight years as a Veteran. I believe it takes great courage to enlist in the military and give so much of yourself during such uncertain times. And unfortunately I don't think it's going to get better for those in the my hats off to them. We should all be thankful for their service.

Not to change the subject....but I have added another blog link to my list. That of Stephanie Ackerman. She is the editor of Homegrown Hospitality. I just love her blog and I love her writing!!. I was perusing her blog this morning and came across this entry from a few days ago. It rang so true with me.

Well....that's all for now....


Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Now That Election Day Is Here....

I've got something to say. For the past couple of months, I've been wanting to write a post about Sarah Palin. As the time as gone on I have had difficulty trying to find the words to express how I feel about her and also how I have felt about this election cycle. Well I really did not have to find the words because someone else did it for me and much more eloquently than I could. Mellette Berezowski published a post a few weeks ago that expressed exactly how I have been feeling. You can find that post here .

I will tell you though that there is one person for whom I have gained a new respect. That would be Geraldine Ferraro. I watched a program which aired right before the VP debate. It was her and George Bush talking about their debate. She said that although she would not vote for Sarah Palin, she would still root for her to do well in the debate. Because Sarah doing well meant a world of so many possibilities for her granddaughters.

Amen to that!!!

I Have to Say....I'm a Little Disappointed

Ever since I was old enough to vote, I have always registered as an Independent. I'll admit it....I just cannot make up my mind. Too conservative makes me mad and too liberal just makes me ill. Anyways, since I am registered as an independent I am used to getting all those recorded telephone messages from both sides begging me for my vote. Some people are annoyed by them but I actually get a little chuckle out of them. Especially when they are from the presidential candidates. In 2004, true to form, I got messages from both George Bush and John Kerry.

This year, well, I waited and waited, and then finally it happened yesterday. After we got back from the hospital, I saw we had a message on the machine. I played it and sure enough it was John McCain. Our machine plays so loud that Russell could hear it in the bedroom. When I walked back into the bedroom, he gave me a quizzical look through the fog. Oh dear....It was just John McCain ringing us up...thought he'd just check in.....

Since I got the call from Johnny, I was next expecting the phone call from Barry. So I waited.....all last night. But no call came. I was very disappointed. I really wanted to hear Barack Obama groveling for my vote just as everyone else has. Not that it would matter....but I kind of liked that personal touch ; ) Oh well....maybe next time. He probably figured he didn't need me anyways since he's predicted to win in a landslide.

Anyways, Russell and I got up early to vote. He didn't get much sleep last night so he wanted to get out and get 'er done so he could try to get some sleep. The polling place wasn't too bad. At least it was much better than 2004. But we still had to wait an hour. I felt so bad for my husband. He was miserable! And, of course, as we got towards the front of the line there was that one person who wanted to cut in (don't even get me started there!).

Here's a little hint on how we voted (in case there was any doubt!).....

The rest of the day will be spent relaxing....especially for Russell. He's just having a tough time getting comfortable right now. I did manage tocapture him in one of his sexier moments yesterday....

Those TED stockings are just dead sexy! I don't think he will be too happy that I posted this....but I what can I say....I just couldn't help myself.

Well I'm outta here. TTFN!


Monday, November 3, 2008

I Really, Really Hope Frozen Peas Do The Trick

Russell had shoulder surgery this morning and he is zonked out right now. He had a pretty significant tear in his labrum. I've heard it is a tough recovery so I'm bracing for a tough couple of weeks.

I went with him to the orthopedic surgery place at 6:15 this morning. It was quite funny to see him in his sexy gown and shower cap :) I really wanted to take a picture but he wouldn't let me. I don't know why I didn't....I mean really....he only has one working arm. How much damage can he do!

It's pretty boring waiting for someone in surgery and I'm just an antsy person so I left for a little while. The absurd highlight of the whole morning came in the post op room. The nurse told me the doctor prescribed some kind of contraption which helps in applying a cold compress to the shoulder. I have no idea what on earth she was talking about. All I know was that there were two choices and some other guy was going to tell me all about them as soon as he answered his page.

Well he showed up and right away blurted out "You know your insurance does not cover this and it costs $280. Do you still want it?" I'm sitting there thinking WTH! Then I turn to my highly "doped up" husband and ask, "What do you think honey?" The minute I say this I just want to gobble my words back up. What the heck am I doing asking the guy in the bed who looks like he's wishing for his happy place!?! (or maybe he was already in it)...

So I asked the guy why didn't they discuss this with us before the surgery so we could both make an informed decision. I then wanted to know exactly what this contraption does. He tells me that it ices his shoulder., I'm trying to wrap my brain around this. I mean I really don't want to deny something from my husband that he really needs but honestly.....wouldn't a 67 cent bag of frozen peas do the same thing. The guy really doesn't tell me anything. Will it help him? He just shrugs his shoulders. Is it something that is necessary? No response...seriously. So I decided against it. The nurse was very reassuring after this fine, "informative" gentleman left. She told me that I could make my own icing contraption with a garbage bag. We'll have to see how that works out!

Well, I updated the look of the blog. It still looks pretty basic but I'm learning. And I'm old so I'm a little slower. I went out and bought "Blogging for Dummies", so hopefully I'll come around. A little tidbit I did pick up in my brief scan of the book is that pictures are very important. So I will leave with a few pictures from our trip last weekend to the Breeders Cup in Cali.

Later Gator!!