Tuesday, January 25, 2011

In a Fog!

That is how I have felt for the last week. Like I have been in a uber congested, full headed fog! Yuck! I caught the crud and I caught it good. And for the last week I have felt like doing nothing more than laying around and watching back episodes of Grey's Anatomy. I did get engage in a couple of fun activities. Activities that did not require me to even leave my bed :-)
I whipped up a few of these......

Can't wait to put these squares together! I just love these colors!

I also started playing a little with my colorful pens....

I did a little doodling, that is....

(Love the stray little piece of yarn in this photo!)

I signed up for a doodling class given by Stephanie Ackerman.

Here's a preview of what I have been working on....only a preview though because this project is actually a surprise!

I have a tendency to skip over lessons and go straight to what catches my eye (Not a good quality!) so I got a little ahead of the lesson plan.   It was very therapeutic nonetheless! 

And now I am slowly beginning to feel better. 

Had a bit of a setback when I realized it was going to be the Steelers and Packers in the Superbowl :-(

But I think I am now recovering even from that!! 

Til next time......

Friday, January 14, 2011


I think I am in love.....with this Sunburst Granny pattern.

Yes, I'm pretty sure of it since I can't seem to help myself. I keep making circles that turn into squares that turn into a blanket.....

And into pillows.......

And there are a few more like projects in waiting....not to worry though there are other crochet projects I'm working on that don't involve circles!!

But the circles.....they are still my favorites....

Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Brave New World

Brave?   Yes.....Very brave of me to post a photo like this....

Yes, there I am in all my foiled glory.  The photo taken yesterday at the hair salon (duh!).  I was way overdue for some root therapy, not to mention hiding all the gray.  I never knew I had so much!! The result???

A new beautified me!!  (Man I sure look like a goof when I try to take my own picture!).  Pretty blonde to cover the gray.  Misty created a masterpiece with that hair.  Just wish she could wave a wand and do something about those wrinkles!  Looking at this picture makes me feel every one of those 50 years! 

Anyways...speaking of brave.....I'm getting ready to embark on a new adventure.  I don't know....some people may not think it so brave but for a middle aged woman....it's a little scary.   Here's a hint.....

I'm going back to school.   To get my teaching certificate.   To teach teenagers.   Yep....scary!  But exciting too.  Something completely new....completely different.  

A new world.  For me. 

Sunday, January 2, 2011


On New Year's Eve my husband asked me if I had any resolutions. 

No, I told him.....No resolutions. 

Actually, even at that time, it was a lie.  I always have some resolution.  It's just that I am constantly making them (and re-making them) all year. 

And it's always the same stuff. 

Lose weight.
Get in shape.
Cut out sugar (that one lasts about 10 minutes!). 
Get organized (I gave up on this long ago.....Never gonna happen!).
Quit drinking wine (Nope.....another losing cause...)
Get all my projects done (yeah, even retired I put a lot of pressure on myself)

Anyways, you get the drift.  So yes I always have resolutions in mind (this brain never shuts down!)

But then I saw a television clip about how technology has taken over our lives so much that there are actually apps to keep us from using technology as much. For example, there is an app that will keep someone from texting from driving.  YIKES!  I guess the consequence of being involved in an accident and causing serious injuries isn't enough.  The reason for these apps.....WE HAVE NO WILLPOWER...even when it comes to the inappropriate use of technology. 

So I decided that I would take a big step away from technology......

I'd quit getting on Facebook ....hmmmm.....yeah....that didn't last very long either.  I did decide, however, to be more conscious of how I communicate.  Now, I'm not a big fan of texting (really can you just call me!!) and I don't really like to e-mail (I really miss letters.)  So, after much thought, this is what I have decided......

I will make more phone calls and write more letters.   I will work on being more personal than impersonal.  I know the texting and the e-mails will not vanish from my life but hey, as Fleetwood Mac sang.....Yesterday's Gone.....

Saturday, January 1, 2011

One Little Word......2011

Every 365 days a phenomenal event occurs.....There is a new year.  The calendar resets itself and we all have a chance for a new beginning.  A fresh start. 

There are a few things I do plan on doing this year.  Things that are totally new.  Totally different. 

I wasn't going to make any resolutions.  But then I changed my mind. 

I am beginning 2011 with a word.  For several years now I have followed this blog.  Every year, the author always comes up with a word to focus on for the upcoming year.  I actually rolled my eyes at this concept for a couple of reasons.  For one thing, it seems as though everybody latched onto this idea....and I'm not a girl who likes to do what everybody is doing.  The other thing is that it seemed so "Oprahish".  It's like everyone is trying to be the next Oprah, and lets face there is only ONE Oprah. 

Well this year I changed my mind.  And for good reason.  You see, this year is going to be a monumental year for me.  A monumental event is occurring that warrants my word.  My word for 2011 is actually a number.  My word is......

Yep, that's right....it's fifty.  Because in a few short weeks I will join the ranks of "AARP"dom.  Now many may think this is a negative thing because really it is just a number.  But rather than acting like the number is a scary thing that I'd like to ignore I plan on charging head on right into it. 

It is, like I said, very monumental.  One cannot reach such an important milestone and not take time for reflection.  I'm sure I will be engaging in plenty of reflection in the year ahead.  And I really don't mind who comes along for the ride......