Sunday, May 30, 2010

Philly!! Cheesesteak!!

One week ago was a momentous occasion!!  I had my first ever Philly Cheese Philly! 

We decided that while in Philly we had to have a cheese steak.  We had heard that the two best places were Geno's and Pat's which were located across the street from each other.  So I was going to go to one place and Russell was going to go to the other.  Well....our plan went be the wayside when our bed and breakfast host told us that Jim's was the place to go.  He gave us directions and told us we couldn't miss it.....there was a long line out front.  He wasn't kidding.  This is what we found as we reached South Street. 

So, how was the first cheesesteak???  Pretty darn good.  I had my with provolone and grilled onions.  Russell had one with "whiz" and onions.  That would be cheez whiz for the amateurs!  The guys behind the grill and counter had quite a system going.  Very efficient!

Here was the the final product......

And here we are enjoying it!

The verdict was in...pretty good!!  But I really think it has more to do with the bread than anything.  That bread was awesome.  Wonder where I can find some :D

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