Monday, May 24, 2010

Harper's Ferry

When we completed our tour of Antietam, we figured we'd head on down to Harper's Ferry (since it was only like 10 miles away!).  A few little tidbits about Harper's Ferry.....It is probably best known for the raid of abolishionist John Brown and his men in 1859 which got things very heated up and eventually resulted in the Civil War.  Meriweather Lewis came to Harper's Ferry to stock up on resources before he and Mr. Clark headed on their western expedition.  And, probably the one thing that interested me most..... the Appalachian Trail passes right through the town.  No kidding!  We were standing there watching a hiker all decked out with his big ole backpack mosying (sp?) on through this very old historic national park....just like he was walking through any normal old town.  Like he wasn't even taking in his surroundings....hmmmm.  The trail is of great significance to us because we wanted to hike some portion of this trail sometime during this trip.....and we did....right here at Harper's Ferry.  And we have photos to prove it! 

See, there is Russell...walking across the bridge over the Potomac River and hiking the Appalachian Trail ;D
By the way, he absolutely hates it when I take pictures of him from behind.   Anyways, we went..oh about 300 feet on the trail.  My hope is that we will eventually do a little more later on in the trip.

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