Thursday, May 13, 2010

Someone should have Told us We Needed to Pack Parkas!

There are many reasons we decided to start on this road trip.  Seeing the country, taking in the sites, etc.  Two of my favorite reasons for this trip are baseball and food.  I wanted to see as many ballparks as I could on this trip and we both wanted to test the local cuisines in the various regions of the U.S.  On our second night in the Denver area, we started on both.  It began with the cuisine. 

In my research, I learned that Denver was the place for green chili.  I love green chili so sampling this cuisine was not going to be a problem.  I found a web site that had a list of the best eateries for green chili in Denver and I made a selection from that list.  The location I chose was Jack -n- Grille.  I wish I had taken a photo of the restaurant because it was really pretty interesting.  The Jack -n- Grille was number 13 on the 101 best places to chow down as compiled by the Food Network, and there was a big sign out front to make sure you knew that!  Inside the restaurant, there was memorabilia dedicated to everything "Jack".....Jack Sparrow, Jack Nicolaus, Jack Frost, Jack in the box, Jack Paar, Jack Kennedy, Jack Nicolson, Jack LaLaine.....Did I leave out any Jacks???????

The green chili.....well there is a reason it was on the list.  It was delish!!  Russell had a chicken burro with green chili, and I had a shredded beef and bean burro with green chili.  It was so very yummy, I have a hard time finding the right adjective to do it justice.  Let's just say I was very pleased with my choice. 

After we had our dinner, we headed over to Coors Field to take in a baseball game.  Now I thought we both dressed warmly but I guess it wasn't warm enough.  We froze!   The thin Arizona blood just did not do well in the blustery weather of Denver.  I did feel a lot better seeing many locals all huddled together under blankets.  So the cold really was not a figment of my imagination!!  Russell and I huddled together and took in about five innings in a really nice ballpark.  Of course, I walked around for a bit because I had to take it all in....oh, and take photos :)     Here is just a sample...

Don't we look cold!!  We left shortly after this picture was taken.  We could not wait to get into a nice warm room!!  The next night's game was canceled due to snow!!  I'm glad we got out of there fast!

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Lori Renn said...

Very cool shots of the ballpark!! I hope I get there someday (um, in August!) Looks cold!! :)