Monday, October 3, 2011

Forgive Me Father......

I committed a sin yesterday.
A cardinal sin.
At least according to one Laura Ingraham. 
I wore flip flops to church. 
Yep I'm damned...
But allow me to explain ;-) 

It all started with a decision I made roughly three weeks ago. 
Yes.....a decision I made WAY back then led to this particular sin. 
I made the decision to take a P90X break. 
For those of you who don't know what P90X is.....
Here is a little introduction.

Yeah....Note the word "extreme". 
When I tell people I'm doing this I get many different responses that try to define my mental health. 
"Are you NUTS??????"
"You're crazy.  That is way too hard." 
You get the drift. 
I also get people who are intrigued by it but are leery about doing it. 
I think they are afraid to plop down $140 and then have the DVDs sit and gather dust in their wall unit. 
Trust me, there have been times I've thought about making it simply a display decoration and nothing more. 
The truth is that it becomes easier once you get used to it. 
Now I'm not going to lie.....the first week or so is hell. 
When I started the program I literally thought I was going to die that first week. 
I even went to see my doctor because I was certain that I was dying.....
"No, you're going to live, " he said, "Would you like some pain meds?" 

This brings me back to what led to my sin. 
I decided to take a week long break from P90X. 
And then one week extended to two weeks. 
And then I decided to start back. 
Ok, may I say this now in a way that you might feel my pain. 
Taking two weeks off.....
By Saturday morning, I could barely get out of bed. 
By Sunday morning, I was certain I would die. 
Which made it imperative that I make it to church. 
Need to make sure I was a-okay with God just in case. 
So there I was....moving verrrrrrry slowly as I got ready for church. 
I went to my closet and wearily eyed my strappy high heeled sandals and winced. 
I then looked slightly to the right and saw relief. 
Ah, yes, flip flops!!! 
I slipped my feet into those babies and off I went.
Yes, I committed a sin.....well maybe to Laura Ingraham. 
But I have a feeling that the good Lord didn't mind. 
I mean I did make it to church.....even if it was for selfish reasons.....
Now Tony Horton.....he might be another thing. 
If he ever happens to stumble upon this blog post....
I might have some 'splaining to do about the two week break.......

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madison said...

I recently heard Laura Ingraham talk about garage sales, so from now on, like your reference to flip flops in church, mine will be garage sales and Laura.