Saturday, October 15, 2011

The "Bumps" and "Lumps" of Life

There has been a bit of "controversy" around these parts in the past week. 
The controversy has been over a t-shirt.  
Not just any t-shirt.....but this t-shirt. 

This is the t-shirt worn this week by the cheerleaders of Gilbert High School in Gilbert, AZ.
As part of their campaign to raise money for breast cancer awareness. 
The saying, "Feel for Lumps. Save your Bumps" was deemed as inappropriate by the principal. 
I don't know....maybe there is something I am missing here.....
But it certainly doesn't sound as objectionable as "I Love Boobies."
And that is displayed all over the place lately....
On T-shirts.  On bracelets.  On hats. 
Heck, I even saw it on a billboard. 

Now I know that school administrators have got to be careful. 
But the kids are just trying to raise money for a very good cause. 
Then again, I may be considered less than objective.....
It wasn't so long ago that  my daughter was a Gilbert High cheerleader...

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