Sunday, October 23, 2011

Snapshot: 10/23/2011

     snap shot: an impression or view of something brief or transitory

I had an English teacher in college who hated when you would use a definition in a research paper.
I, on the other hand, loved definitions and loved using them. 
I thought they were an easy, albeit, lazy way to open a paper. 
So it is with a definition that I start this blog post.

I provided the definition because it is going to be a snapshot of my week.
What is currently going on in my life and what is on my mind..
A snapshot of this moment in time.
So here we go.

(1)   Today is October 23 and the high is going to be 97 degrees. Seriously.
I would like to say it feels like fall but it doesn't. Not even close.
It is hard to believe that there is snow only a state away.
And here....there is not even a hint of fall.
I am really yearning for fall.....I am so over summer.
But I guess I'll have to wait a bit longer.
Or maybe if I crochet a couple of these it will feel more like fall. 

(2)   While on the topic of "90's", I got a 93 on my algebra final.
I was disappointed. I wanted a perfect score dammit.
I figure, if I'm going to teach it I should be able to ace it!

(3)  Keeping with the theme of "9".....
I am surprised at how the meaning of the number "9-9-9" has changed for me. 
Two years ago I was a police officer. 
To a police officer "999" means "officer down". 
The worse think you can hear as a police officer.   
Now...well thanks to Herman Cain it's  the big catch phrase for the pre-primary politcal season!! 
It seems to be all I hear about when I turn on the TV. 
A reminder of how quickly your life (and perspective) can change. 

(4)  The surprise of the week?  Or maybe the month? 
My husband has been watching "Dancing with the Stars".....with interest. 
Oh, and offering up his own critiques. 
And he has a pretty good eye for the proper dancing techniques. 
My husband?  A dance afficionado?  Who knew?????
I guess I can still be surprised. 
Our faves?  Ricki Lake and J.R. Martinez. 
Who are your faves? 

(5)  I'm back to my "short attention span" crochet.
I started not one, but three projects this week.
I have a very short attention span....what can I say.
Here is a peak at those projects.

Yes, I'm in a very "colorful" mood right now. 
Need to change gears to a Christmas color mood. 
Or not.   After all it does still feel like summer.  ;-)   hmmmmm.....

(6)  Although I did try to get into the mood of the season with some fall baking. 
I found the best recipe for ginger snaps HERE
Whipped up a batch of these babies.....

And wanted to eat every single one of them!!! 
Therefore, for the good of my waistline and cholestol count.....
pawned them off gave them to the first person I knew of that has kids. 
I did save a few for myself though.....;-)   
If you like ginger snaps, I highly recommend this recipe. 

(7)  Lastly, on a sad note, my thoughts right now are with my friend, Lori.  Her brother passed away last week and his memorial service is today.   He was only 45 years old......way too young.    
So, right at this moment, my thoughts and prayers are with her and her family. 

Peace friends. 
I hope everyone is having a wonderful and inspired Sunday.

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Pammy Sue said...

I love all of your new projects, especially the purple ripple! I love purple.

I was a police officer too for 8 years!

Thanks for the link to the recipe. I'll try it! I'll try anything! :)