Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Just When We Thought It Was Safe to Sleep With Both Eyes Closed......

A couple of nights ago I was taking a little stroll
down the hallway in our house when I spied an intruder into our
little slice of desert paradise. 
The intruder looked just like this.....(here's a warning, it is going to be creepy!). 

I was surprised and freaked out at the same time.  
I was surprised because it had been well over a year since I'd seen one inside the house. 
You see, the first six years we lived in this house, I had seen only one. 
And then after year six, we had a little monsoon related mishap in our front yard. 

Yep, that's an uprooted tree. 
And that is my son's car. 
He was in Qatar at the time. 
Side Note:  His reaction when I posted this on Facebook was priceless. 
I can say this because I knew when I posted this there was no damage to the car. 
Just call me a really mean mom (insert devious laugh...). 

Anyways, my son's car may have been saved
but our house beared the brunt of this mishap.
Meaning we got an immediate scorpion invasion. 
No bueno. 

So we immediately went into attack mode. 
With the help of the guy from the Weed and Bug Mart
we were able to get the problem under control. 
And we were told that having a cat was a plus
because they are natural predators. 

So when I saw the little bugger on Sunday night
I did my little "there's a scorpion in the house dance",
squealed like the girly-girl I am,
and cursed the cat for not doing his job. 
All at the same time. 
That got my husband's attention. 
(Note:  Sure glad I have one of those.)
He immediately paused Sunday Night Football 
and came to my rescue.  
I am happy to report that the last thing
the creepy little critter saw was the word "Keen", 
as in the bottom of my husband's Keen shoe.  

I would have taken a picture of the actual dead body
but I'm not in the business of totally scaring off blog readers
and I really didn't want it in my house any longer than necessary......
dead or alive.  

After the deed was done I had a long talk with the cat
about his duties as the family feline.  
I think he understood me perfectly ;-)
But just in case he didn't....
I'm going to be sleeping with one eye open.  



Gypsi said...

Ahhh...what a monster!! How big was the creature?

Glad Russel has full and complete mastery for the remote so he could push pause in time to a) not miss any of the game (probably his priority at least until he knew of your great peril); 2) rescue you (which was obviously your priority).

Because of your adventures with scorpions I have been beating my slippers and shoes before I put them on just to be sure there are not any hitch hikers.

ps. In case I haven't told you lately you are a Marvelous writer!!!

Heather - The Good Life said...

Ewww! I would have done the same thing, screamed and yelled for hubby. Here's hoping no more of those little critters in your house. :-)

Pammy Sue said...

Very creepy! Yikes.

Nancy Sievert said...

Hate those scorpions. Sorry about the car!