Monday, October 17, 2011

30 Years of Fabulous!

Today marks a very momentous occasion in my life.
It's one of those milestones that makes a person stop to take pause. 
Why?  Because it's always been really hard to wrap my mind around it.
What is it you ask???
Today is the day that I become the mother of a thirty year old. 
Oh, I know, it is probably far more momentous for her than it is for me.
But please, just let me have my moment
My moment to wonder where the heck time went. 
I remember when I brought her home from the hospital. 
One of my friends was holding her and cooing....
"Before your mom realizes it, you're going to be in school." 
In school??? 
No!  I blinked and she was thirty. 

Okay, I've had my moment.  I'm over it now. 
Now the focus is on her. 
I could tell you all about her entry into this world. 
But I did that already....last year
I seriously don't think she wants to hear that story again. 
I could tell you she is so very happy at this moment. 
But I would be lying. 
For as I am typing this entry, she is at Foxborough. 
At the Pats/Cowboys game. 
Brady just threw an interception. 
She, is not at all happy right at this moment. 
(Note: Yes, this is one of those postdated blog entrys!)
Hopefully the Pats bounce back and win. 
But if they don't.....I have the perfect remedy to put a smile on her face. (hee)
A little walk down memory lane.
Oh!  She's going to love this! 
I mean, could I let this occasion pass without digging up old photos. 
So,  without further ado.....
Here she is.....
Through the years. 
My Panda Bear. 
My Tweety Bird.
The first person I truly fell in love with.
Here's to Thirty years of FABULOUS!!!!!! 

Three Days Old

Three months old

Six months old

Those big ole eyes :-)

Me and my sweet baby girl. 
(I wish I still had that blanket!)

Amanda and Grandpa.

A true poser...

And scene stealer!

With her cousins (They'll probably love me for this one too!)

Again.....those eyes!
1st Grade

Fifth Grade

At Disneyland with little brother.  This was just the beginning of her love affair with the mouse.

She was a soccer girl. 
And a cheerleader, too.

When she graduated, Ryne stole the cap......

And five years later, she returned the favor.
A senior beauty.

And a theme park cutie.

Partying in Aruba at 24.

And sharing my birthday dessert on my 44th birthday. 
Chilling with dad. 

Giving love to our Miss Maya.

A pensive girl.

My favorite picture!

And the most current picture of her....
(Taken right off her Facebook page yesterday....I hope she doesn't get mad!)
Amanda and Laura at the Pats game. 
By the time I finished this they had won so I'm sure she IS happy! 


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