Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Just Cuz I Like to Keep Things Real

I remember it was not so long ago that I'd gather with girlfriends and our conversions would encompass the mundane, yet the oh so important, topics of kids, fashion, decorating, recipe exchanges, and the latest workout fad at the gym. 
Actually, these topics are still part of our repetoire. 
However, they take a back seat to something that is far more at the forefront of our minds these days. 
Aging and menopause. 
Yes, we still talk about kids (and the prospect of grandkids, now) and all those other subjects
but now hot flashes and botox dominate our conversations. 
(No, I have not done botox.....yet!)

The reason I bring all this up is because I can't help but chuckle at the subject of our most recent conversation. 
The subject was......chin hairs.
Yes, chin hairs.
How utterly pathetic we have become! 
We talked about finding long chin hairs and short chin hairs.
And the absolute horror of a significant other finding said long chin hair. 
About how different chin hairs feel and look. 
We also talked about how we are constantly feeling our chins.
Feeling them to make sure we can find those hairs.
And eliminate them immediately.

Now, I know, you're thinking that this is an odd conversation.
But you'll never know how liberating it was for me to hear that other women suffered from my agony. 
For me, these little demons started making their appearance shortly after I turned 40. 
I discovered this new phenomena when I found the dreaded long hair. 
After that, I was constantly on a mission.....
To rid myself of all chin hairs so they don't have a chance to become chest hair. 
And I have been downright obsessive about this. 
From the first feeling of an araent hair poking through the dominating thought on my mind is
finding a pair of tweezers. 
And I can't get it out of my mind until I find those damn tweezers!!!!
I become fixated. 
So much so that on a trip to Vegas I paid an obnoxious sum of money
 for a pair of tweezers in the hotel gift shop. 
Don't judge....they are really good tweezers!
Yes I still have them. 

And my obsession has risen to new heights. 
For on a trip to Vegas this past summer, 
(Yes, we spend a lot of time there)
I discovered something revolutionary.  
Well, I'm sure it is not revolutionary to most women. 
But to me, the person who has never spent more than five minutes applying make-up,
it was totally new. 
May I present

I honestly do not know how I lived without one of these for the past ten years! 
This baby went right up to the top of my Christmas wish list. 

I know....I know....I live a sheltered life. 
I've already been told this. 
I mean, really, what chick doesn't already have one of these. 
I just never felt the need for one. 
That is, until the invasion of the chin hairs.
Now I'm ready to declare all out war,
with my soon to be new weapon. 

Those little buggies should be really scared.....

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Pammy Sue said...

Hee-hee-hee...I can relate to every single bit of this! Unfortunately, someone else pointed out my first dreaded long black hair! One word: MORTIFIED