Friday, October 14, 2011


This is the word of the week. 
And it seems to be the word on everyone's lips. 
Of course we have "Occupy Wall Street." 
And locally, there is "Occupy Phoenix." 
On the local news radio station,
one of the anchors said she was going to get an "Occupy Sesame Street" t-shirt made up. 
Well, I've just been flat out occupied. 
Mostly with studying. 
Had to take a final today so my head is filled
with visions of logarithims, systems, and permutations. 
I even had nightmares about math....which is weird because I really like math. 
I've also been occupied with a big scrapbook project which is not going to be done as soon as I wanted. 
Seems I've had creative brain freeze.  Ugh!!!!  Not a good time for that! 

Well, anyways, before I was so "occupied". 
I did complete a crochet project. 
It is one that took a loooooooooong time to complete.
But it is done!  And here is the ta-da!

Here are the deets......
Starting with the yarn and colors....
The yarn I used was Michaels Loops and Threads. 
I really like this yarn. 
It is somewhere between Red Heart and I Love This Yarn! in the way it feels. 
And it is pretty easy to work with. 
Plus, they had the colors I was looking for. 

Now, let me be honest.....I would have never thought of putting these colors together. 
I did have some help. 
The help came from a web site called Color Combos Galore
Color Combos Galore is actually a scrapbooking challenge site where they give you four colors to work with each week and you create a page using those colors.  
I also found this really helpful with color combos for crochet....colors I would never think of.  
So, that is where I got the color inspiration from.  
It's a very good site if you're looking for color combo help. 

The block pattern came from this site.

I really had fun making the blocks and they came together pretty fast. 
But then....came the border. 
I don't know what it is but borders totally bore me. 
And then the project slows down.....
I tried to do something a little different with this one.
When I went to California in April, I made off with a blanket my aunt crocheted many years ago. 
I really liked the border which was several rounds of hdc and then several rounds of a granny stitch.
So I decided to try it with this blanket. 
And here are the results.

Hmmmm.....Don't know if I'm loving it......
I'm one of those people who likes straight lines and angles. 
And this didn't turn out like that at all. 
It does not lie flat at all!!! 
(Do I sound like I'm high maintenance?!?!?!? hee-hee)
Well, hopefully this will grow on me......
Until then, I'm off to work on my 300 other projects ;-}

Here's wishing everyone a fabulous weekend!


Heather - The Good Life said...

Your blanket is very pretty and thanks for the links to the websites. I'll have to explore the color one further, sounds interesting. Have a great weekend. :-)

Wendy said...

Thank you Heather! Love your blog!