Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Living, Breathing, Priceless Works of Art

It is no secret that I am a big fan of crafts and artsy stuff in general.  My brain is constantly racing with new things that I want to create, make, draw, put together, etc.  In fact, my brain is pretty much always in overload. 

Anyways, I've made some pretty cool things and I've made some things that haven't quite worked out.  Hmmmmmm.......

But, by far, my greatest masterpieces come in a very different form.  And my brain was not in overload from my greatest creations.  Of course I can't take complete credit for these works of art.  I did have a little a does after all take two ( trying to keep the ole blog g-rated!).   Oh, and I do believe there was devine intervention from above that had a hand in them also. 

If you have visited this blog for any great period of time, you've probably seen these masterpieces.   First, there is this one.....

There's a little post about her here.

And then there is this little gem. 

There's a little more about him here.

There is another one that I have never written a blog post about and that I rarely speak of.  That is because she was with us for only a short period of time.  Although I don't speak about her that does not mean that I don't think about her especially during this time of the year.  It was almost exactly 26 years ago that she was taken from us.  She went to sleep one night and never woke up.  According to the doctors it was SIDS.  I created this scrapbook page about her a few years back.  

We were devastated.  I guess that goes without saying. 
The passing of the years have dulled that pain.  
I know this might be difficult for some to understand as many never get over such pain.  
I can't explain this exactly.  
Maybe God had better plans for her....
Maybe years of delivering devastating news to others numbed me.....
Or made me realize we all have a burden to bare.  
Yes, coping with this loss came easier over time, 
But there is one thing that has always made me sad.
And it is this......

That my oldest daughter does not have her sister.  
When Robyn was born I was beyond thrilled that Amanda would have a sister.
I was the only girl in my family.  
I had two brothers. 
And I always wanted a sister. 
To fight with.
To swap clothes with.
To talk about boys with. 
To get advice from.
To share secrets with.  
To always have a good friend.
And when I think about Robyn,
I get mad that she was taken away from being all those things to Amanda.  
And for the opportunity for Amanda to be all those things to her.  
It makes me so darn sad.....


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