Thursday, March 10, 2011

Doodly Doo and a New Title Too!

A couple of months ago I signed up for an online doodling class with Stephanie Ackerman.  I love to just doodle but unfortunately I haven't had a whole lot of time to do it lately.  I did manage to "doodle" a birthday cards for a couple of friends.   And I integrated some crochet into in.  This is how they turned out. 

I put the crocheted flowers on the card in a way that they could be easily detached and used for other things like as an embellishment on a scrapbook page or as a coat lapel pin.  Or as an added embellishment for a headband.  Anyways, you know what I mean...   I think I'm going to do this again for future birthday cards and maybe even Christmas cards!  But I think I'd better get working on them now ;-)  I can see myself procrastinating.....hmmmm....yeah....not never!!  (insert sarcasm)  

Another thing I've been up to is a re-naming of the ole blog.  I initially picked the title "This and That" because I honestly couldn't think of anything else.  I just figured there would be a whole lot of  "this" and "that" on the blog so that's what I went with.  Well, the other day, as I was on a little hike I was thinking about my blog and some of the things I wanted to blog about.  I want to blog about all my various hobbies, but I also want to blog about this new phase in my life.  So somehow "the art of 50" came to mind.  Meaning there will be art (or actually crafts) on this blog but also there will be entries on the "art" of being 50.  Get it?  Art? 50? Yeah.....I know.....I'm a goof.   But, hey!!  This is totally 100% me.  In all my imperfect glory.  Can it get any better than that????  Hmmmm.....yeah.....I'm gonna say it can get so much better....but it's the best I've got.....

Ta Ta for Now!  And Happy Thursday!!!!


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