Thursday, March 31, 2011

Spring in Arizona

Springtime in Arizona starts a little earlier than mosts places in the country.
And in Arizona, spring means one thing.......
Spring training baseball to be exact. 
Starts at the end of February and ended....Tuesday. 
The cool thing about being retired is that I got to go to a Spring Training game
whenever I wanted!! 
So away we three games. 
Cubs and Rangers.
Rockies and Cubs.
Cubs and Diamondbacks. 
See a pattern here ;-)  
Anyways, here are a few photos from the various games. 

Hmmm.....wonder who he's rooting for......

No!  I did not eat the whole thing!  
In fact I had nightmares about this hotdog for a whole week afterwards!
(That's another blog post!)

Spring training brings a whole array of visitors to the Valley of the Sun every year. 
And usually there from much colder climates. 
At Tuesday's game they announced the temp. in Chicago.....39 degrees.
And then the temp. in Mesa, AZ.....83 degrees. 
It is our one bragging right. 
My favorite moment occurred at the first game we went to. 
A gentleman a couple of rows up decided to call his son in Wisconsin....
During the game. 
He proceeded to tell his son  (and all of us) that it was a beautiful 78 degrees
and not a cloud in the son. 
Of course he shared this little tidbit after his son told him he was shoveling snow. 
Bwwwwaaaaahhhhhh!!  Way to rub it in Dad! 

Ummmm...... yeah!  The signs of Spring! 

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