Thursday, March 3, 2011


Well, before I get started I'm going to post this pic.....

Of this little work in progress.  I do so at the beginning because the rest of this post might be a tad bit....hmmm.....depressing.  My own little pity party.  So, read beyond this point at your own peril.....remember I did warn you!

Yes, it has been a while since I have dropped in on blogland.  I've been missing in action....for several reasons.....

For one thing, I have been busy!  Yes, I know it is hard to believe being retired and all.  But yes it has been a busy month.  It went something like this......

I turned 50. 
Then I promptly got sick.  First with a respiratory thing then with a stomach thing. 
Next, my hormones went wonky ( yes, TMI, I know!) 
And with those hormones came a face full of pimples (still get 'em even at my age...)
Oh, and a big ole red splotch below my eye that looked like someone punched me.

I spent an entire weekend crocheting a baby blanket for a friend.  Was working feverishly to get it done before the big arrival.  Of course it would have helped if I had not waited until the last minute! 
I went out of town for a time (wine tasting and Sin City).  And again I got sick...oh, and had horrendous insomnia.  Nothing like dragging your butt through your whole mini vacation. 
Then there were the two midterms I spent hours and hours studying for.  The older I get, the less the information sticks

Oh.....and did I mention I turned 50....
Hmmmm.....did not think this was going to be a big deal.
But I felt strangely lonely. 
Yes, there were people around. 
I just thought it was going to be a bigger deal. 
Well, it was a big deal...but in a different way. 
I learned it was a much bigger deal to me than it was to anyone else. 
But I guess that's the way it is suppose to be. 
After all, they weren't turning 50....I was. 
And why is that a reason for anyone else to celebrate. 
There was a little celebration in California.
With a old friend I hooked up with after 30 years. 
And it was wonderful. 
I felt bad for her though because I got sick :-(
So I wasn't as much fun. 
I don't just could have been my mood of late. 
Turn 50 and there's this sudden realization that you most likely have more Christmases and Birthdays behind you than you have ahead of you! 
Yikes!  I am depressing aren't I!
Don't mean to be....just needed to type what was going through my head. 
And, no, I don't feel old at all!! 
Just a little reflective that's all. 

Another reason for not so much blogging is that I have been trying to think about the direction I want the blog to go.  Initially, it was just going to be daily observations.....
Then just artsy, scrapbooky, crochety stuff....
And now, I need it to be something more...
All my neurons are firing at full speed and I have so many things going through my head......
(Neurons and dendrites and axons have been on my mind a lot lately!)
But I don't want to scare anyone away. 
So here is the plan....
There will be my usual stuff.
And there will be daily observations. 
But there will also be a little bit more of me and my thoughts. 
At the beginning of any such posts I will give you a little warning....
In case you don't want to read the blatherings of a premenopausal woman. 
If you happen to be a premenopausal woman you may understand. 

In any case....I plan to still be here......


helen.hemmings said...

I love your blog and will be more than happy to comment on your ramblings!! Loving your granny square blanket!!

Andrea... said...

Happy birthday! I turned 50 a couple of weeks ago - BIG shock to say goodbye to my 40s!! x