Thursday, October 28, 2010

Because When It Comes to Embarrassing My Children.......

I am an equal opportunity parent!!  So, today, on his 24th birthday, it is my son's turn.  After all, exactly twelve days ago, his sister had to endure this humiliation so why should he be left out of the fun. 

He is getting a warning though.  After I posted his sister's baby picture on Facebook, he informed me that he would hack my account if I did the same to him.  Son....that is against the law....DON'T EVEN TRY IT!!  Your sister took it like a man.....and you should too!! ;-)

So, without further is the adorable little guy. 

Yes.....all decked out in his Ninja Turtle t-shirt and spiky hair!  Oh, and the cheesy smile.  There is a story behind that smile.  He was not a big fan of smiling for the camera so I had to bribe him.  I can't remember exactly what I bribed him with but it must have been good because if my memory serves me correctly, the cheesy smile was plastered on his face from the moment we walked through the doors at Olan Mills until we walked out.  Hmmmm.....that kid had a way of working it even back then!!!

Anyways, this kid entered our world 24 years ago today and it was pretty calm and uneventful.  No interesting drama stories on the day of his birth......sorry, Amanda.  But alas, my dear daughter, this should make you feel better.....when I was pregnant with you, I never felt (or looked) better.  My hair was beautiful and silky, shiny; my skin was so soft and free of blemishes, and, from behind, you couldn't tell I was pregnant.  Now when I was pregnant with your ass was as big as Russia, my ankles swelled to the size of torpedoes, and I had the worse case acne known to mankind!!! (Note: No complaints, just reality!) I was so certain I was having a boy I didn't even bother picking out a girls name. 

Of course, your father (and he probably doesn't remember this) had a momentary freak out the night before Ryne's birth.   He had a sudden thought that it might be a girl and.....yikes! we didn't have a name picked out.  I believe that one of his co-workers suggested the name Lindsay and I remember thinking, "okay, sounds good to me".  So there you go.....if he'd have shocked me and came out a girl, Ryne would have most likely have been Lindsay instead.  A little piece of information he didn't know (or perhaps, didn't need to know!).

So.....on that rather freaky note...... 

Happy Birthday, Ryno!!!!   You are my favorite son!  (Yes, you even rate ahead of Khalil and Nash :-D)    Oh....and the blanket is done so anytime you want to come and get it.........

P.S. : I know that both of my children are embarrassed by my stories (and my complete willingness to share them).  But the truth is, they have brought great joy to my life (Note: they are both now gagging!) and I hope they know that when I write these stories it is with love that I do so.  It is the stories, even the funny and embarrassing ones, that keep the common thread of our family so alive.  And I have a feeling there are going to be a lot more to come. 

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Andrea... said...

Love it!!! Revenge for the teen years!!! Teenagers everywhere take note :)