Thursday, June 24, 2010

Happiness is Myrtle Beach in my Rear View Mirror

In the past six weeks, there is no place I have wanted to leave faster than Myrtle Beach.  And we had a week booked there in our time share.  Yikes!!  Where do I begin??  Shall I start with the fact that the timeshare - a Gold Star resort - had no internet access!!  So it wasn't like I could spend time catching up on my blog.  I did spend a couple of hours at Starbucks (the one bright spot!! Well actually there were two bright spots....there was also a Margaritaville!) taking advantage of the free Wi-Fi. 

The other thing was that our hotel was right on the beach, however, in was also on the main drag for all the kiddies to cruise and walk the streets at all hours of night.  All we could hear until three in the morning was screaming, horns honking, and engines revving!!  Until three in the morning!  This was the view from our room every night. 

Bumper to bumper traffic!!

The next thing was the weather.  It was 95 degrees and, like, 70 percent humidity.  Not good for people who are normally desert dwellers.  Also, not good when you are trying to shake a cold as Russell was (It was the one gift I gave him on our vacation!).  Every day, the weather forecast included the temperature and the heat index.  Meaning....the temperature is 95 but it really feels like 105.  I am so looking forward to the fact that 110 degrees IS 110 degrees!  

The beach was okay but its really difficult to sit out on the beach when sweat is pouring from every crevice of your body :-(  Sorry I know that sounds a little graphic but I don't know how else to describe it!  Also, I had visions of ordering drinks with little umbrellas from beach bars.  Hmmm.....there were no beach bars!!!  At one point I was sitting on the beach finding myself longing for a week in Hawaii instead of a road trip vacation.  It's bad when, near the end of such a vacation, you find yourself wondering if the whole thing was worth it and your thought process is just based upon where you are at that moment. 

So, now we are on our way home.  We were planning on heading down to Georgia and Louisiana but our "beach" week made us homesick.  I do have a lot to catch up on.   In between Boston and Myrtle Beach there has been many good moments in places like New York, Baltimore, Washington DC, and Williamsburg.  So as we head west I will continue to catch up and share photos.... 

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