Friday, June 18, 2010


Or for those of us from the west coast and any place outside of New England...Concord. 

We stayed in Concord for a few days rather than right in Boston for one big reason....driving in Boston.  The last time we were there we remembered what a nightmare it was....and I just didn't want to see Russell head explode!! 

Anyways, if it wasn't for the fact that I know how cold it gets there....I could probably live in Concord.  Very historic, very quaint, and very pretty.  And just a train ride away from Boston! 

There were a few places I wanted to visit in Concord.  One of them I feared I would have to literally drag Russell to but he came with me without I fight.....and I think he kind of enjoyed it. 

The first place we went was the Sleepy Hollow Cemetery and Author's Row.  This is where many famous authors are buried.  Let's see if you can recognize any of these names. 

Next, we went to the North Bridge.  The last time we visited Concord we made it only as far as the bridge.  This time we took a walk through the park and went to the visitor's center.  I get so much more our of a national monument when I actually go to the visitor's center and listen to the park rangers' talks! 
I did get much better photos at the bridge since we were there early and there weren't as many people there :)

The last sight we visited in Concord was the one I thought I would have to drag Russell to:  Orchard House.  Or for the non-literary...Louisa May Alcott's home.  We took the tour which was quite interesting.  The tour guide was excellent.  Of course, it was mostly girls visiting so Russell was in a minority group!!!  This was one tour that we took where most of the structure was original (not a re-creation). 

Made me want to read Little Women again!!!

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