Wednesday, June 16, 2010

The Cape

Before setting out on our cross country trip a new piece of legislation was passed in Arizona.  Judging from all the press coverage of how everyone was MAD at our state I was expecting some ire.  In fact, I was wondering if there was a way to change our license plate lest someone ever felt the need to take their anger out on our vehicle.'s amazing how absence can make you forget about things.  Didn't hear a word nor got any comments from anyone when we told them we were from AZ.  That is, until we got to Massachusetts.  And, actually, it was not the response I expected. 

The first night we were at Cape Cod (or "The Cape") we met a gentleman in a restaurant who had a few words about it.  He and Russell engaged in a conversation at the bar about the price of his meal (he felt he was undercharged for his prime rib!).  As he turned to leave, he asked us where we were from.  "Arizona", we told him.  "Arizona! Is that where all the mean people are from?"  All I could do was laugh because really what else can you do.  He then said "Wait a minute....let me finish."  The gentleman then went on to say that every state should adopt our new law.  He also had a few select words for our President which I will refrain from sharing....I'll just say he doesn't like him. 

So that was a shock.  Did not expect that from someone living in Massachusetts. Of course, a few days later, Russell wore his Arizona t-shirt into the same restaurant and got a total look of distain from the bartender.  LOL!!  Glad I didn't feel sick after eating there :) 

Anyways, we spent a whole week in and around The Cape.  We went to The Vineyard, to Plymouth, and drove all the way to the tip of the Cape.  Very pretty and very relaxing!!  We were there the week before Memorial Day which we learned is the start of The Season at which time all things get crazy!! 

Here are a few photos of our Cape adventure.  Enjoy!

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