Wednesday, June 9, 2010


So I have a lot of catching up to I'm going backwards!!  Right now I am in Williamsburg, VA but I am going to type about Philly....of course I will be doing this under duress since my husband sits four feet from me yearning to steel the computer to play poker.  I really can't wait until Saturday...maybe when the World Cup starts he will be less interested in poker.  He did offer to provide his "observations" ....hmmm, yeah....his observations would be far more colorful (and X-rated!!) than mine are.  MEN!! 

Anyways, since I am going backwards....we will start with Philly.  A lot different than I expected.  Crowded...but clean (although it has been rated in the top five of dirtiest cities....I didn't see it).  Of course we visited all the historical stuff like the Liberty Bell, Constitution Hall, and the Betsy Ross house.  And visited a bit of pop culture history....the Philadelphia Museum of Art.  For those of you not in tune with pop is the place where Rocky runs up the steps to the music of "gonna fly now" in the movie.  Yes, I did run up the steps and yes (much to my surprise) Russell took photos of this momentous occasion......

And yes...I made it to the prob.  :}

I even struck my best "Rocky" pose...

At the end of the day it was all pretty good.  I will say that weather wise, it was much different from the previous three days in PA.  It was a hot one....not a cloud in the sky which was a complete 180 from Gettysburg where it was cold and rainy.  Go figure!!!

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