Tuesday, September 20, 2011


Last night during Monday night football this commerical caught my attention.

I guess it has been around for a few months but this is the first time I've seen it.
(Maybe I should watch more sports.....)
Anyways, it really caught my eye because it is one of those that makes you think.
It makes you think about looking at the world around you.
Well at least it made me.
Not that I don't look around and find the beauty in the small moments.
But sometimes you need a reminder.
And then I go back to the recesses of my mind
To remember all the amazing things.
And when I do this I see the world in more brilliant hues.

Of course I tried to think of the most amazing thing as the commerical asks.
I cannot think of just one......there are so many!!
How 'bout you? Can you think of just one amazing thing you've seen?
I challenge you to think of just one.
Betcha can't! :-)

Thanks for stopping by!
Have a brilliant Tuesday!

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Butterfly said...

You're right! I am having a VERY hard time thinking of just one. For me, I think raw emotion has alot to do with those memories. It's time for me to work on seeing the AMAZING in just every day moments. :-) Thanks for stopping by my blog!