Monday, September 26, 2011

Pardon My Dust

When I was a kid, we lived in this very small apartment in Southern California. 
I'm pretty sure that the apartment could fit in my present family room and kitchen. 
Not that I live in a large house; the apartment was just that small. 
And although the apartment was very small, my mother always found innovative ways to rearrange the furniture.
To me, it seemed as though she moved that furniture around every month. 
I'm sure it was not that often but it sure seemed it was THAT often.  I think she tired easily of the same arrangement.....which explains where I got my adult ADHD from. 
No, I do not move my furniture every month.  My furniture is pretty much where I dropped it down when we moved into this house eight years ago. 
No, I do not move furniture but I do seem to get easily bored with my blog page....
As you may have already noticed. 
I guess I have a little blog schizophrenia (hopefully I spelled that right!). 
Trying to jazz up the ole blog page although I have very little tech savvy.  HUMPH! 
So, needless to say....I'm still messing with it, so bear with me ;-)   

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