Thursday, September 22, 2011

Scrappy Granny

If any other crocheters/knitters are like me (and I'm sure they are) they have a ton of scrap yarn around. 
I have lots of little balls of yarn that look like this. 

And since I also have the added little joy of being just slightly ADHD. 
Meaning I have lots of little balls of the same color because when I come to the end of a skein,
I go right to a brand new one rather than looking to see if I have some excess scraps of the same color. 
I know.....wasteful.  I'm hanging my head in shame.....

Well the good news is that this basket of balls used to be double in volume because I took some of those balls and came up when this beauty. 

Yes.....I had A LOT of scraps. 
I will admit though that the cream color yarn was not from my scrap pile. 
I do seem to go through that color quite easily.

Although I find myself very attached to this newly squared pile of scraps...
I already have a home in mind for this one. 
To someone whom I'm sure will give it a good home....

TTFN all!
And thanks for stopping in. 


Gay Denesse said...

I can totally relate! I'll have to make the same blanket.

Eileen said...

You have inspired me! I need to make one of these!! TFS.

Pammy Sue said...

YES! I confess I have a huge pile of yarn balls just like that...and tons more that are not in balls yet! I'm totally addicted to yarn. I could make ten blankets and have plenty left.

I really love your Scrappy Granny! It's so hard to let them go sometimes, but it's such a GREAT gift for someone special. It's beautiful.

Now what's next? ;)

Antara said...

Precioso. Me encanta :)
Antara Celetna