Sunday, January 25, 2009

I Read Obituaries......

It's kind of like "I see dead people" but not as creepy. At least I don't think so (but my husband might!)

Every Sunday morning after I look at the sales, read the local news, and see what E.J. Montini has written that will send my blood pressure into the rafters, I look at the obits.

I have done it for as long as I can remember and I really couldn't tell you exactly why. I don't know.....I guess I just wonder about the people and about the lives they led. Every now and then their will be a special extended feature about one of those people which does give more insight into their lives. I love reading those features. Odd, I know.

Anyways....this morning as I was perusing through the obits there was one that caught my eye. This 39 year old woman apparently died of breast cancer (at least that is what I gathered from the entry) and she wrote her own obituary. It was really quite sweet and touching. She spoke not only of her love for her family and friends but also about her journey. Her journey through life and her journey on through the fight that would ultimately take her life.

I sometimes think we forget about the journey. Everyone wants everything right now and without hassle. Perhaps now is the time to embrace (and go back to) the simpler things. Now, when everything seems so hard for many in this country. Take pleasure in the sweetness of life rather than wonder why it isn't better.

I have a strange feeling that is exactly what this woman did.

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