Monday, January 19, 2009


I don't know if anyone is like me but at any one given time I have about, oh, three projects going on at once. And I never seem to finish them like I should. So, this year I decided will be the years of getting some things done.

I actually began a new project at the beginning of the year (like I needed another!). I've been really yearning to crochet so I started a granny square blanket. I call my "light rail" project since I have been working on it while riding the light rail to work. So far I have completed 20 squares in the past two weeks.... not too bad.

This second project has been in progress for a while. Like two years!!! Well I decided that this needlepoint project is going to be completed THIS YEAR!! Come hell or high water I am getting it done. I've made a great deal of progress already working on it a few hours in the evenings during the week. So I am well on my way.

Another project/goal is to get my scrapbooks in order. I just scrapbook pictures wily nily and have no organization for my books. I realized how bad this was when one of my friends wanted to see my photos from our trip to England and France. The pages were in about five different scrapbooks. Yep...not good at the organization thing even in my scrapbooks. So I'm working to get them in order.

Well now that I've put these goals all in writing I guess I'd better get them done. It's kind of like telling people you are on a diet. Once I tell people I'm on a diet I feel obligated to stick to it. So I just don't say anything in case I want to cheat :)

Now I'm off to get some needlepoint done tonight......

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