Monday, June 4, 2012

Photo of the Day - Summer Sangria

The temperature hit a "balmy" 112 degrees last week here in the AZ.  Yikes!  
Did I ever happen to mention that I hate summer in Arizona?  
Well, in case you missed it, I do.   
Hate summer in Arizona, that is.  
But I did enjoy a refreshing sangria yesterday.  
A margarita would have been even better but my head has been hurting ever since the "Eat this, Not that" guy on the Today show shared exactly how many calories are in a margarita....Totally ruined them for me!  
"Drink a nice sangria, instead....full of fruit juice and nice antioxidants."  
So I obliged.  
It was yummy.   I enjoyed it. 
I even threw some lime slices in the glass so I could reminisce about drinking a margarita.  


Pammy Sue said...

YUM. I love Sangria! And I HATE Texas summers. Actually, I think I hate summer anywhere in the South. It's just too hot and miserable. A glass of Sangria or two makes it more tolerable (from the inside). :)

Lori Renn said...

Yum. Can't say I blame you hating the AZ summers. Get your butt to the beach! We aren't even going to see 60 here in ID today. Yesterday it was 90. Weird!!