Saturday, June 9, 2012

Photo of the Day: Let the Games Begin

This will be a what life will look like for the next couple of months.
My husband....camped out in front of the television.
He has been eagerly awaiting this day.
The first day of Euro 2012, otherwise known as the European Football Championships.
That would be soccer to us "ugly Americans".
In my husband's world (and the world of many, many millions) it is "the beautiful game".
I guess my idea of beauty (namely involving a ball and a bat) is horribly skewed.
Anyways, Euro 2012 will lead us up to the Tour de France.....
Which will then lead us into the Summer Olympics.
Yes, there will be plenty of couch time in the weeks to come.
I will probably join him for parts of the Tour and I know I will be hard pressed to leave the couch during the Olympics....particularly gymnastics and swimming.
And the pets?
I'm going to say they are going to be lying in those same spots eight weeks from now......

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