Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Photo of the Day: One Handsome Dude

Well, not only did I let the blog fall by the wayside in the last couple of months....
But also the doggie grooming.  
A couple of days ago, this guy looked like a ball of fur.  
You could not see his eyes through all the hair and he was really matted.  Poor guy!  
So, mommy finally got her butt in gear and got him to the groomer.  
So much better!  

I still have to get his partner in crime in for a haircut.  

Um....yeah....he's not looking much better.
But he's got to get shots first (shhhhhh....he doesn't know this yet)
I figure between the shots and the groomer....he is going to totally hate me.
Well at least until I pump him full of treats!

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