Tuesday, June 5, 2012

The Lost Month (s)

The last six to eight weeks of life have been a blur.  
Well....at least in my life.   
It has been a blur of school assignments, lesson plans, and calculus.  
I felt like the entirety of my life was spent in front of a computer.   
Not a lot of time for creativity.  
Not a lot of time for blogging. 
There were days that I really wanted to pull my hair out.  
I wondered if this whole "self-reinvention" thing was worth it.  
And in the middle of this flurry of activity....

My husband got an i-phone.  
Yes.....the "antitechnologyihatefacebookeveryonehastheirfaceinaphoneanditsucks" guy took a step into the 21st century.  
Now, you're probably wondering what this has to do with my "lost" months.  Where here it is.....
Like every guy, he had to tinker with this new gadget.  
Of course, he perused the app store (it is after all the first thing every Apple owner should do!).  
And what do you think he downloaded first??  
Angry Birds? No.  
Words with Friends? No
The first app my husband downloaded was the "pulse checker" app.  
Because it is so very important to check several times a day to make sure that your resting heart rate is maintaining at a steady 45.   
That is not a typo.  
He does have the heart rate of a world class athlete.  
It is just sick.   
The second app he downloaded?  
The "stressometer".   Because he wanted to show everyone (including me....several times!) that he knows how to maintain a low stress level......1% to be exact.  
This is where his new i-phone relates to my blur called April.....and May.  
He thought it would be fun to check my stress level.....while I was studying for my Calculus mid-term.  
Yes.....he did!   
It should be no surprise that my stress level was at a whopping 98%!  
What was more discerning is that a few weeks later, after I had completed all my school work, my stress level was still at 98%.  
Now I have to say that I call BS on the i-phone stressometer app, however, the whole stress level did make me rethink my whole approach to school and life.  
I mean, really, I am retired.  My life should not be this stressful.  
So, from now on there will be no more over-thinking of the school work.  
There will be more blogging time.
More creative time. 
More time to enjoy life.  

Now let's see how long I can make it last.....

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