Thursday, March 22, 2012

Rainy Days and Sundays....

This past weekend there was a very big event that occurred in the Phoenix area.....
It rained.

No, I am not kidding about this. 
It is a big event in these parts.
Especially after 90 days of no rain.  Or even clouds. 
So what do people do when it rains in Arizona? 
Well, we all grab our cameras to document this rarest of events.  Note:  See above ;-)
And in this day of modern technology the entire evening news broadcast was comprised almost entirely of photos submitted by viewers. 
I. kid. you. not. 
There were several pictures of hail....from several different viewpoints. 
Pictures of clouds.  Pictures of snow from the north country. 
I'm relatively certain that people from the Midwest (you know....tornado alley) would have rolled their eyes at our freakish fascination with rain. 
In fact, there were probably a few of them in town for Spring Training. 
Anyways, I think you get the picture.  Rain is a big deal here. 
So, aside from taking the about photo I found other ways to occupy my rainy day. 
I just expanded on my collection of crocheted squares....

It was a good day for it. 
Because I knew from experience that a good rainy day is not going to come along again for a while...
In fact, today it was sunny and 83. 
And 100+ is just around the corner.....

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