Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Two Weeks

The two weeks leading up to Thanksgiving were spent with this view.....

My rear side was planted firmly at the kitchen table typing away on my laptop.
Assignment after assignment. 
I had three of them.  Three loooooong assignments to finish up my most recent class. 
Long, as in term paper long.  They reminded me why I like Math so much more than English. 
But I got them all done.....finally. 
Of course I had a little distraction in the background.  ;-) 
That lovely rainbow of yarn that I recently received in the mail. 
I would look up every now and then, and try to visualize what I was going to do with it all. 
Eventually, I had to move it to another room.  It just became toooooo distracting! 
So that is what life has been....while I have been away. 
There were also a couple of reprieves from school work. 
Like attending a little college football rivalry game.....

A little University of Arizona-Arizona State action. 
Just for the record....I was NOT rooting for the home team (Go Cats!). 
And I was very happy to be able to celebrate a win. 
However, since I was suffering from a miserable sinus headache I was just hoping for a quick game more than anything! 

There was also some hooky stuff in the evening to clear my mind. 

Still working on this project....well, somewhat working on it. 
It will be "on break" for a while. 
For now, I'm focused on all things Christmas...
Christmas ornaments!
Christmas cookies!
Christmas cards!
Christmas music!
Christmas lights! 
Christmas shopping!
Christmas decorations!
Oh, and with a little dash of Trigonometry (yeah, how Christmasy is that?????).
 So off I go.....Falalalalalalalalalalalalalala!!!!!!


Anonymous said...

Hee hee...I love that pile of yarn in the back. I have a project in mind that I want to do; just have to come up with a pattern! the yarn looks like a lot more fun than the study. :)

Pammy Sue said...

Hey Wendy...I tried to find you on Pinterest but couldn't. Send me a link please!

Manu Pietro said...

Che bello ....