Monday, November 7, 2011

The Most Wonderful Time of the Year!

I woke up this morning to a sound I had almost forgotten.....
The sound of rain pounding on the rooftop. 
We had a very brief storm blow in a couple of nights ago. 
But it was oh so brief. 
It came in at about midnight. 
Sounded loud and furious. 
And then it was gone by 12:30..... A.M. 
Humph!  Such is the life of living in Arizona. 
Which is why the rain was such a pleasant surprise. 
It is very rare to wake up to rain in this state. 
Now, the doggies weren't very happy....
Water falling from the sky got them all hyped up. 
Waaaaay out of the ordinary for them. 
But I, on the other hand, was very happy. 
I finally feel like Fall is here. 

Another thing making me happy was the annual debut of these.....

I don't know what it is about these red cups that instantly lifts my mood.
I literally feel like the heavens have opened and angels are singing when I get my first glimpse every year. 
Okay....well....maybe that's going a little overboard. 
But I do feel a certain increase on the happiness meter. 
These red cups make me want to have a latte every single day.
Now my husband would tell you I could have a latte every day....with or without the red cup. 
And he would, of course, be right.  (shhhh....don't tell him!) 

The truth is that to me this is the most wonderful, fabulous time of the year! 
And the red cup always seems to mark the beginning  :-)

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