Friday, November 4, 2011

Just Call Him Punkin'

So last weekend I decided to crochet a pumpkin. 
I saw one on the internet and knew I just had to make one. 
I started it and got more than halfway through.
And then it just sat there on the table. 
Not surprisingly I got sidetracked by a number of other things. 
Not to mention that I was sore! 
Yes I was sore from crocheting!
My biceps and triceps were used to many types of workouts,
But not the type of workout that requires crocheting with really thick yarn. 
And that also contributed to my lack of motivation. 
Until this morning. 
When I discovered that my "half" pumpkin was being put use? 
This is what I found.....

I do love how the color of his lovely coat matches the yarn. 

I managed to get another photo before wielding the water sprayer.....
Yes...he is not fond of the water sprayer :-O

Anyways, he did give me the motivation to git er dun. 
And give everyone a preview of one of my weekend activites. 
Hopefully the next time the orange yarn makes another appearance
it will be in the form of a lovely Thanksgiving display. 

Thanks so much for stopping by :-)
I hope everyone has a great weekend. 

1 comment:

Pammy Sue said...

Ha-ha-ha! Great pics.

I get sore from crocheting all the time. It sounds pathetic, doesn't it? I've made many trips to the doctor for steroid shots to quell the inflammation caused by too many long crochet sessions.