Monday, July 25, 2011


For a good part of last week, this was the view I enjoyed......

And just to get a better idea of my surroundings....let me pan out.....

Yes, we headed up to Vegas for a few days last week. 
The week included a lot of pool time,
Trying our hand with Lady Luck,
And, ummmm, maybe one or two margaritas. 
We also got to spend some fun time with our girl.

Our itinerary included the following fun....
A visit to Cabo Wabo.... 
And guess who was there.

Yep, Sammy Hagar.....very cool.  
He stopped in to have some dinner. 
We got some photos. 
I also got some photos with my daughter who works at the restaurant.
It was so good to see her....

Note:  I would kill to have those abs!!!!

The next night, Amanda and I went over to Caesar's while Dad hit the tables. 
Amanda was thrilled to discover a brand new, and very large, H & M.
We did a little shopping, Vegas style. 

Amanda found this very cute dress....
And the beer in her hand was a very nice accessory.

We then went over to Max Brenner. 
For those of you who have never heard of Max Brenner let me give you the cliff notes....
Max Brenner = really, really good (note: amazing) chocolate. 
Who needs drugs?? I could get high on the aroma of this place. 

I was in chocolate heaven....mmmmmm

I really wanted an entire chocolate pizza....but I settled for a big chunky chocolate chip cookie. Yum!

We spent the last night in Vegas enjoying the culinary delights of Chef Franklin (i.e. my daughter's boyfriend) and learning (finally!) how to play craps.  I wish I didn't forget to bring my camera that night because we had so much fun.  And it was nice to be away from the strip.  A lot more relaxing!!  We both decided that we will be staying away from the strip the next time.  Hey, as long as there is a pool, a margarita, and I don't have to drive, I'm good to go!!  

We came both refreshed and a little's just not as fun jumping into a pool with 97 degree water....that is NOT refreshing at all....

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Pammy Sue said...

Looks like fun! We were gambling last week to only in the slightly less exciting Shreveport, Louisiana. Okay, a LOT less exciting. LOL.

Love your brown blanket in your last post. I missed that one somehow. Can't wait to see it.

And, no, I do not get bored doing the border. That is my favorite part! I always look forward to selecting and crocheting it.