Wednesday, July 6, 2011

A "Haboobie" Prize

This is what came barreling through our community last night.
We didn't realize it was coming until it full on hit us.
I really wish I had stepped outside because I so would have had my camera out like this guy did!
All I got to see was a massive dust fog out my back door.
But in the process of this massive storm I learned something.....
A new word....
Haboob....That's what they called it.
A Haboob.
That's funny because for the 26 years that I have been living in Arizona I've been referring to it by it's simple name.....
A dust storm.
I guess I've have that wrong all these years!

So I'm wondering.....would that make the cloudy brown pool,
the patio furniture in said pool,
the nice layer of dust on our cars, sidewalk, cool deck, and remaining patio furniture,
oh, and the dust in our eyes and up our noses.....
Our "Haboobie" prize???
Just a thought.

Gearing up for more tonight.
'Tis the season in AZ
For thunder, lightning, dust, and rain.
I just hope the power stays on.
105 degrees with no air is just no fun!

Hope everyone is having a good day and staying nice and cool :-)

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Pammy Sue said...

I saw that freakiness on the news last night! Weird and scary looking.