Monday, May 16, 2011

Who Says I Can't Wear a Miniskirt!?!?!

I always love all those studies and surveys that come up almost daily.
You know what I'm talking about. 
The one's that tell us what we are doing,
How we should feel.
Or what we should be doing. 

It was a survey that from that last area that currently has me shaking my head. 
Last Friday, I was watching TODAY.....
Yeah.  I know.  I watch way too much of the morning show. 
But cut me some slack....
It's where I get some of my best laughs.
And where it's one of the best places to ponder the utter absurdities in the world. 
(Right there with Fox News, MSNBC, and all the Real Housewives). 

Anyways, the absurdity to ponder on Friday the 13th? 
At what age should women stop wearing certain items of clothing. 
Oh, and it also included hair styles (long hair vs. short hair...). 
And who did they survey? 
Women, of course! 
I was curious to know how much it cost to ask women
when women should stop wearing bikinis and miniskirts. 
And I was trying to figure out what magical formula determined that
a bikini should not be worn after age 47,
and a miniskirt should not be worn after the age of 35. 
They went further and determined that high heels are a no-no after 51, no tennis shoes after age 44, and bathing suits of any kind are frowned upon after age 61 ( I guess the "birthday suit" will have to do.)
Oh, and I only have another year of pony tails! 

Now, truth be told, I work out almost everyday but I still would not be caught dead in a bikini. 
And a pair of stilettos? 
Well, that's a sure fire way to end up in the emergency room because I guarantee this....
Me + High Heels = Face Plant.
But there is no one who is going to tell me I can't wear a miniskirt!!! 
So, on Friday, as I prepared for date night
I started to reach for a pair of shorts. 
But then I remembered the TODAY show segment and went right for the miniskirt. 
Of course, I had to take a picture....wet hair and all......

And I looked at the picture and thought....
Hmmmm....not half bad, not bad at all! 
Could use a little color on the legs and a touch of make-up....
But, otherwise, not bad for a 50 year old. 
(And no! I am not fishing for compliments! Please don't go there!) 

The point is.....we should wear what we are comfortable in. 
( long as we are not breaking any laws. )
And shouldn't allow special surveys or studies to rule our thinking
Or how we see ourselves. 
It's a matter of personal preferences. 
Besides....would you tell Demi Moore not to wear a bikini....
I don't think so!


Samara Link said...

Wendy ... you look awesome! Your body absolutely can pull off a mini skirt, and you should be so proud of that.

Also, a note about Ritz ...

I KNOW! I was, too. So disappointed.
I go to the one at Ray and the 10.
I know they have one other one open.
What area of Arizona do you live?
I'm in Chandler ... McQueen and Riggs.

Lori Renn said...

You rock the mini! xo

Nishi said...

OMG You look FAB!!! you look better than a lot of ladies/girls half your age.