Sunday, May 22, 2011

We Can Fix Him.....We Have The Technology....

We can make him better......

Did I happen to mention that I am married to the Bionic Man?
No kidding. 
He has enough metal in his body to be very attractive to magnets. 
And he is very entertaining at airport security checkpoints.

Well, this week he added to the hardware. 
Shoulder replacement surgery...ouch! 
A lovely little two hour procedure....
That turned into four hours.
Afterwards, the surgeon came out and showed me an xray
of the shoulder. 

No, this is not my husband's x-ray.  It's just something I found on the internet.
But this is pretty close to what it looked like!
My first thought?
Holy Crap! He has a golden spike in his shoulder! 
Well, it actually isn't a golden spike...
But it look like one, doesn't it?
And I went looking for the hardware on the internet and found this....

It actually looks like a silver spike....
A very heavy silver spike! 
Heavy metal collection has a whole different meaning to this guy! 

Anyways, the surgery went well.
And the bionic man got to come home a day early :-)
For now, his days will be filled with ice and rehab exercises. 
And no P90X! 
I just hope I can stay motivated without him!

3 comments: said...

Was he an athlete? That looks painful. At least you are in a warm climate! More net surfing for you!!

Kristina said...

Wow that doesn't look like a lot of fun! Full shoulder replacements are pretty rare! Massage helps the healing process and decreasing visibility of scar tissue ;) Thanks for coming by my blog! Hope you are having a lovely Thursday!

Wendy said...

@Tracey. Yes, he's an athletic guy but the shoulder injury didn't come from wear. He fell and tried to catch himself. He injured his shoulder and it never really healed properly. I'm sure he wishes he did it doing something more glamorous but usually the roughest injuries come in the most uneventful ways...