Saturday, May 14, 2011

All the Best Laid Plans.......

Usually start with a dream.
Or a scheme.
Or an idea. 
Whatever the mode, they start somewhere. 

For us, a plan starting taking shape last Thursday.
Cinco de Mayo for all you non-partying folks ;-)
We, meaning my husband and I, were halfway through a tequila and lime concoction
when we start talking about the royal wedding. 
And, more specifically, London. 
I love London. 
Love, love, love it. 
I love the architecture.
I love the pubs.
I love the atmosphere.
I love the diverse culture. 
I love the underground. 
I guess you get the point. 
I love London. 
I pretty much love England in general. 

I told my husband I would love to escape for a year....
And live there. 
In London. 
Or even a village in the English countryside. 
When I was a teenager I often dreamed of this type of scenerio. 
I dreamed of backpacking through Europe. 
I dreamed of living in another country.
I dreamed of shopping for my dinner messages daily. 
Of going to the butcher.
The baker.
The candlestick maker. 

But, I did things I little differently.
I joined the military. 
I got married.
I became a mom. 
And such dreams went on the wayside. 

But, now, here we were. 
Talking about the possibility. 
And I was getting very excited about it. 
What would we need to do? 
Sell the house? 
Or maybe we could rent it out. 
What about our cars? 
Would we need them overseas? 
And what about the dogs? 
Can we take them? 
As these questions went on....
We started thinking that it wouldn't be as easy as we thought. 
By the end of the conversation,
we decided that we would decide
at the same time we put all of our decisions on hold until. 
December 2012. 
We can then re-evaluate the housing market, our finances,
and we will know for sure if that little Mayan calendar thing
comes to fruition ;-) 

Of course, the next day when we came down from our
tequila induced haze we started thinking
of some other obstacles. 
We are fortunate that all four of our parents
are still here with us. 
My hope is that they all live to be 100,
but I know realistically that probably won't happen. 
(but won't it be cool if it does!) 
I would just hate to be so far away if something does happen. 

I will say that my husband and I spoke of this again a couple of days ago. 
We still don't consider this outside the realm of possibility....
It will probably just have to wait a little longer....
The thing is that we view things our dreams much differently
When we are 50 than when we are 16. 
Yes, I know this is not rocket science.
But I really didn't think about how much....
We really do think about when we are making plans. 
It's just that all plans look better with a margarita or two. 

Oh, and note to self.....
I learned something very important in all of this (and this will show you how slow I am...)....
One should never post any indication of one's dreamy plans on Facebook.
Especially when said person is very excited at the moment
And is enjoying a beverage or two. 
My post read like this..
"Busy making plans....maybe a big move in the future..." 
 Based on the responses you would have thought it said....
"We're packing our bags and leaving tomorrow!" 

Yeah...I didn't realize such a vague status would get such a shocking response.
Insert "chuckles" 
And after all those responses, I felt guilty. 
Like I needed to provide some very juicy tidbit
when the fact was it was going to take about three paragraphs
to explain our thought processes. 
A little daunting on Facebook. 

So, here it all is....minus the margaritas!

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