Sunday, January 2, 2011


On New Year's Eve my husband asked me if I had any resolutions. 

No, I told him.....No resolutions. 

Actually, even at that time, it was a lie.  I always have some resolution.  It's just that I am constantly making them (and re-making them) all year. 

And it's always the same stuff. 

Lose weight.
Get in shape.
Cut out sugar (that one lasts about 10 minutes!). 
Get organized (I gave up on this long ago.....Never gonna happen!).
Quit drinking wine (Nope.....another losing cause...)
Get all my projects done (yeah, even retired I put a lot of pressure on myself)

Anyways, you get the drift.  So yes I always have resolutions in mind (this brain never shuts down!)

But then I saw a television clip about how technology has taken over our lives so much that there are actually apps to keep us from using technology as much. For example, there is an app that will keep someone from texting from driving.  YIKES!  I guess the consequence of being involved in an accident and causing serious injuries isn't enough.  The reason for these apps.....WE HAVE NO WILLPOWER...even when it comes to the inappropriate use of technology. 

So I decided that I would take a big step away from technology......

I'd quit getting on Facebook ....hmmmm.....yeah....that didn't last very long either.  I did decide, however, to be more conscious of how I communicate.  Now, I'm not a big fan of texting (really can you just call me!!) and I don't really like to e-mail (I really miss letters.)  So, after much thought, this is what I have decided......

I will make more phone calls and write more letters.   I will work on being more personal than impersonal.  I know the texting and the e-mails will not vanish from my life but hey, as Fleetwood Mac sang.....Yesterday's Gone.....

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