Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Brave New World

Brave?   Yes.....Very brave of me to post a photo like this....

Yes, there I am in all my foiled glory.  The photo taken yesterday at the hair salon (duh!).  I was way overdue for some root therapy, not to mention hiding all the gray.  I never knew I had so much!! The result???

A new beautified me!!  (Man I sure look like a goof when I try to take my own picture!).  Pretty blonde to cover the gray.  Misty created a masterpiece with that hair.  Just wish she could wave a wand and do something about those wrinkles!  Looking at this picture makes me feel every one of those 50 years! 

Anyways...speaking of brave.....I'm getting ready to embark on a new adventure.  I don't know....some people may not think it so brave but for a middle aged woman....it's a little scary.   Here's a hint.....

I'm going back to school.   To get my teaching certificate.   To teach teenagers.   Yep....scary!  But exciting too.  Something completely new....completely different.  

A new world.  For me. 

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Lori Renn said...

That plate of cookies on your header looks delicious! Great photo! We will have to swap recipes! Thanks for following my new blog.